How do you people cope with getting old? As unexpected as it seems, I am HATING the ageing process. I used to eager my birthdays, and, as much as I like the day itself, I dislike the fact that I am getting older and I feel it. I know I obviously look younger than I am and often get carded – mostly because I am petite – but my body knows its age and hell, I feel it every single day.

For instance, the glasses. About eight years ago I started wearing glasses but I could choose NOT to wear them and be ok, it was just to be more comfortable at work. This year the glasses are something I NEED, otherwise I can barely read what’s in front of me. I don’t remember how long ago I found the first grey hair, but I was really shocked the last time I had a haircut, because I really have LOTS of them now.

My body can LOOK better, but I feel tired more easily and need much more sleep. 24 hour party people no more. Coffee in the morning is my fuel for the day, and tea or milk are my pass to sweet dreaming nights. I sound like a grumpy old lady and Fabio fears that I may plan on buying a Snuggie this winter ;)

In short, I don’t like getting older, which is a surprising experience for me – I thought I’d feel neutral about it, that’d be just logical. Does it make any sense?