Bike stravaganza

Spring/summer is the season when new things arrive on the market. Is also the season when I cycle the most. I’m getting closer to achieving a metric century (100km/day) on my bike – and I remember the days when my goal was to cycle 100km a WEEK – and getting that feeling I need a better bike, at least for long endurance rides.

The road bike thing is tricky, as I’m very short – the frame has to be small – but I’ve found a few, reasonably priced bikes designed for women with XS frames.

I also need a new helmet, but at least that’s cheap. I wear youths’ sized helmets, like this. Fancy colours!

Now, I want a better cycling computer/GPS to connect to sites like, able to detect heart beat (Garmin 510 anyone?). I might delay that for a bit, because I’m considering buying an Amiigo (well, when it’s available and when BLE works on the Nexus 4) because it will be useful for whatever activities I do, not only cycling. Meanwhile, I’ll keep using the phone. My previous Flitzer still works, but doesn’t give me much information. I like LOTS of information.

I’ll keep researching things on the meantime. I find a new bike (and a new pair of padded shorts/pants) the most important thing now, considering how much my upper body – and not my legs, as one would expect – aches after a 70km ride. Especially shoulders and arms.