Hi. My birthday is a few weeks from now, and I understand I haven’t written a lot recently. My life has been great. But since I have a domain of my own and time to write, I decided to use this space to ask people to use their end-of-the-year good heart to donate for things they like.

I’d suggest these charities below (as I’ve given my own money to them), because these are things I like, but you’re totally free to chose whatever is meaningful for you.

The CAMH is located a few blocks away from where I live and they do a fantastic job helping people with mental issues. Also have a great garden with beautiful squirrels :)

The Toronto Cat Rescue seems to only have good reviews everywhere, and I always see their cats for adoption everywhere. Lots of people working to help cats deserve my attention.

And I absolutely love the National Ballet, no questions asked here.

Thanks for your attention ;)