Cycling Again

Spring arrived early this year, and it means I have been cycling for a while now. And cycling regularly also means I have to be aware of crazy drivers. I do my best when I cycle and have been especially careful since my accident last year, but I really have this feeling drivers feel they are *PERFECT*. That doesn’t apply to TTC drivers, who are usually AWESOME when you are riding a bike and tend to be extremely helpful.

But, back to drivers, the most common mistake – and a terrible one – is to open their door in a busy street. Sometimes in a bike lane. This can seriously hurt someone. This can kill someone. Or, there could be a truck and the driver can die. People are just CRAZY and SIMPLY OPEN THEIR DOORS and DON’T EVEN LOOK. If you do that, please stop doing that or someone WILL DIE. People die.

Not so terrible, but annoying as hell: people who park on the bike lane. The bike lane exists for a purpose, and if you park on it, then, doh, bikes cannot use it. Same thing applies for delivery trucks on bike lanes. Dude, you are A GIANT and bikes are tiny. I expect some bad outcome from this. Don’t put your big thing on the tiny lane. Thanks.

On the other hand, there are some VERY BAD cyclists in the city. People who cycle on sidewalks. People who cycle in the dark wearing no lights. People who cycle in the wrong way. You, people, I hate you. You make my life harder, too, because one of these crazy dudes riding in the wrong way was the asshole who hit me last year. Don’t be one of them.

Long story short, my accident made me more careful with crossings, and pay more attention to things around me. I could have learned that without damaging my wrist, but at least it wasn’t something so serious!