Feed a fever, starve a cold

This is where you go to get sickI was very excited to have my flu shot early in December so I would be bug-free for this winter and would be able to enjoy outdoor winter activities – like skating, I’ve gone skating exactly twice last year before the rinks were closed – could do more yoga, well, many things. I even enjoyed a few days of higher temperatures by cycling to work. THEN everybody around me started getting sick with this annoying cold, which is a different virus, and I finally got it too. End of story, two weeks of sore throat, coughing, and the only activities I’ve been doing are going to the drugstore to buy more syrup and cold medicine. Now, you, tell me, isn’t that REALLY EXCITING?

Today, after two weeks, I don’t seem to be coughing anymore, although my throat is still a bit sensitive – I will keep eating right, drinking tea and taking meds, as I am travelling to MontrĂ©al this weekend and I don’t want to stay in the hotel during the trip. Wish me luck! It is indeed colder there and I want to walk and try some snow activities we couldn’t have this year in Toronto (because there was no snow :D). Stay tuned!