Geek Resolutions – THE UPDATE

Did I say I was going to buy a Galaxy Note 2? Oh, I change my mind so fast.

The Nexus 4 went on sale again. And I bought it. Ask me, WHY RENATA, WHY DID YOU BUY THE NEXUS?

So, I’ve been on a 3-year-contract with Bell since December 2010. They keep sending me messages suggesting that, for a “small fee”, I can buy a new phone and renew my contract for another three years. Let’s do some math here.

If I wanted a Galaxy Note 2, I’d have to pay, right now:
– 150 to be able to have a new phone
– 200 for the Galaxy on a three year contract

350 + taxes and I would be trapped in a contract for 3 years again. To get the Galaxy contract free, it would cost me 150 + 700 (price of the phone, unlocked). I’m not that crazy.

Now, here comes the Nexus.

Google delivered me an unlocked, carrier-free phone for 400, taxes included. It’s an awesome phone. Really awesome. I won’t do another review because there are plenty of reviews everywhere. I’m happy with my choice, and my bank account is even happier.

I recommend the Nexus to everyone who’s trapped on a carrier contract.