I went to see Gravity yesterday, and now I have this paradoxical relationship with the movie. It astonished me artistically in terms of sound effects, art direction, special effects, and I value that a lot in a movie – it’s art and I want my senses to be aroused when I go to the cinema. That part of movie design is absolutely perfect.

But, now, let’s talk about the story. Spoilers below.

The movie is advertised as the story of two astronauts left adrift in space. That’s a very simplistic way to see it. What the movie actually is: the story of a woman who decided to choose a scientific career over marriage-and-kids and will spend the next two hours being tortured on-screen over her “bad choices”, like being a single mom, working instead of being with her daughter.

Her body is constantly exploited on-screen, while the body of her co-star is never shown – for no reason at all than her being a woman and having to prove herself strong and pretty even when about to die alone in space. She is capable of solving problems, but she has to be dragged to the space station by a strong man, she needs to be rescued – see the damsel in distress pattern?

The movie also doesn’t pass the Bechdel Test, which should be easy but isn’t.

This movie is an advertising that, as a woman, if you fight society standards, you’re fated to suffer horribly and die alone (or suffer until you repent all your sins).

I thought we were over this idea since the 60s, but apparently not. What is even scarier, this will very likely get lots of awards.

You can enjoy the “beautiful” part of this movie, but don’t let it trick you into believing things have to be that way.