New shiny Macbook

On July 2010 I bought my very first mac – OMG A MACBOOK PRO. It was a very good machine, a 13″ Core 2 Duo, 4G RAM – which I eventually upgraded to 8G – and 256G HDD. Also good battery life – it still lasts about 6 hours, three years later. But it doesn’t do the job for me anymore when I want to play with some resources consuming applications.

I decided to make a move, and I bought the new Macbook Air – upgraded to core i7 and 8G RAM. I didn’t care about more SSD space because, you know, external storage, Dropbox, this kind of stuff – therefore 256G and I’m good to go.

New toy is FAST, extremely lightweight and will probably last me as a FAST, RELIABLE computer for another good three years as the last one did (which I will clean up and list on sale on my beloved Kijiji/eBay – any takers?)

Very impressed with Macs’s evolution. I just wish their phones weren’t so boring – I have tried iPhones multiple times and can’t understand the appeal, Androids are bazillion times more powerful, customizable, better. Yet, when it comes to laptops, I’m an Apple fangirl.

And yes, I know Jobs is being released soon. I have watched Pirates of Silicon Valley again, I hope Jobs works as a sequel.