State of emergency

I had the most bizarre bike accident yesterday. I was biking in this calm, bucolic neighbourhood, smiling to everybody, thinking about having dinner at a nice place. THEN, all of a sudden, a crazy weirdo crosses my path in his bike, shows me the finger, yells something, hits me. I fall. He keeps going.

While I am wondering what happened, if someone has set me up the bomb, where that blood is coming from, and all those crazy things that cross your mind while you are laying on the ground after an accident, a woman appears and takes me to the sidewalk. A few moments later, guess who appears? The same guy who hit me! He asks if it was his fault. DUH, OF COURSE. And then an ambulance is called.

Now, a quick background story here: last week I found a cat wandering around my condo lobby. I thought it might have escaped from one of the apartments, so I brought it home and tried to find the owner. Long story short, a couple down the street found the same cat a few weeks ago, because the owner left him alone in an abandoned house. The couple talked with the owner and decided to adopt the cat and give him a real family. A happy ending.

Back to the bike accident, there I was with the weirdo, the woman, bleeding, and scared – I really dislike anything involving blood. The weirdo was becoming weirder and wouldn’t let me call Fabio and almost screaming “CALM DOWN! EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL!” – yeah, right. Finally, the full service arrived, ambulance and fire truck. I really don’t know why the firemen came, but fire trucks are awesome and I am always happy to see them. When the paramedics came to see me, guess what? The guy who adopted the cat last week was my paramedic! I couldn’t have been luckier in this situation! So he just told the weirdo to go away and told me cat tales while he took care of me :)

Turns out I have a cut in my chin and in my foot (got a few stitches, will most likely get a scar) a few bruises and scratches, and I needed a booster tetanus vaccine. Experience with the hospital couldn’t be better. No line, waited just a little bit because Fabio saw somebody badly, badly hurt arriving at the ER while I was there. Great, friendly staff, even with an adult afraid of needles. I was back home earlier than expected (especially considering my experience with brazilian healthcare, including private & expensive & top top ones).

You brazilians, know how much do I pay for Canadian Healthcare? NOT EVEN A PENNY.