The Renata Diet

Once in my life I reached a weight my body could not afford, and then I finally decided to get rid of the extra pounds. It’s been a while since been called “thin” is a common thing in my life, but I cannot get simply used to this or I’ll get fat again.

I decided to follow my own diet, made of things I researched, and I used some free online tools to help me in a daily basis. The internet is not (only) for porn. One of things I found out is that I was eating a lot of carbohydrates. I also have been given all my life diets for “normal people” – and I am much smaller than they are. Finding the ideal amount of calories for your body is a challenge, so, if you go to a doctor and he simply handles you a paper with a default 1,500 kcal diet, run away. Probably it won’t work.

My very first diet was given by a gastroenterologist and had lots of food restrictions because I had stomach problems (that later turned out to be caused by stress only). This prescribed diet forced me to eat every few hours, forbid ANY kind of fat, red meat, sauces, anything that could make digestion difficult. I could eat mostly white meat, no spices, vegetables, cooked or raw, no olive oil or vinegar, this kind of stuff.

I started to lose weight, and FAST. After my stomach problems were solved, I adapted the diet so I could live with it. In general, I try to eat carbohydrates in the morning, have protein-based lunch and just have something light before sleeping. My snacks are fruits or soy milk.

Sometimes I indulge myself with extra-dark chocolate. Extra-dark chocolate – and I mean extra-dark, at least 85% cocoa, my favorite being 99% – is awesome, because it’s very low in sugar, and very satisfying. You just must watch out for fat, but I usually just eat one small portion of those extra dark. They are for tasting, not for extreme eating, like all sugary products.

A nice drink is tea. Hot or cold, try to drink it unsweetened. If you cant, put just a small amount of sweetener. Sweetener is not exactly a good thing, but may help you on your way out of sugar world.

I avoid fat and I go against the recommended carbs intake – I never could lose weight following it. I’m much more into proteins, not like Atkins, but I feel more fulfilled eating proteins than carbs.

Track what you eat – even that candy you bought on the subway – is necessary. I’d say mandatory. After the first week of tracking you notice you are eating much more than you imagine (and totally different than you expected), and after some weeks you become more used to portion sizes and nutritional values. That’s why they put nutritional information on the boxes.

Of course you should also exercise and I’m sad I could not find a swimming class close to me. I find swimming MAGIC – it’s way more intense than gym and relaxing. If you really hate swimming, try biking, walking, whatever. While I don’t find proper exercising, I’m trying to walk 10km per week. BUT you CAN lose weight without exercises. You’ll just look (and feel) better if your muscles are toned after you lose some pounds.

Losing weight for me was a health issue and, at 30 years old, I’m starting to become concerned about blood cholesterol, sugar, you know, being healthy. I recommend going to a dietitian, but most of the work must be done by yourself. And there is NO fast food allowed in a serious diet. You will suffer, you won’t be able to eat many things. If you really want it, you’ll get used to it. And after getting used to it, it’ll become easy.