I went to see Gravity yesterday, and now I have this paradoxical relationship with the movie. It astonished me artistically in terms of sound effects, art direction, special effects, and I value that a lot in a movie – it’s art and I want my senses to be aroused when I go to the cinema. [...] Read More


Hi. My birthday is a few weeks from now, and I understand I haven’t written a lot recently. My life has been great. But since I have a domain of my own and time to write, I decided to use this space to ask people to use their end-of-the-year good heart to donate for things [...] Read More

New shiny Macbook

On July 2010 I bought my very first mac – OMG A MACBOOK PRO. It was a very good machine, a 13″ Core 2 Duo, 4G RAM – which I eventually upgraded to 8G – and 256G HDD. Also good battery life – it still lasts about 6 hours, three years later. But it doesn’t [...] Read More

Bike stravaganza

Spring/summer is the season when new things arrive on the market. Is also the season when I cycle the most. I’m getting closer to achieving a metric century (100km/day) on my bike – and I remember the days when my goal was to cycle 100km a WEEK – and getting that feeling I need a [...] Read More

Geek 2013 Resolutions

Very, very simple New Year’s Resolutions. 1. New Android Phone. I’ll go with the Samsung Galaxy Note II. My Desire Z is too slow for today’s apps, and the screen is cracked. But I intend to play with its hardware anyway. 2. New Macbook. Now, this is tricky. I’d like a new Macbook Air 11′ [...] Read More