I went to see Gravity yesterday, and now I have this paradoxical relationship with the movie. It astonished me artistically in terms of sound effects, art direction, special effects, and I value that a lot in a movie – it’s art and I want my senses to be aroused when I go to the cinema. That part of movie design is absolutely perfect.

But, now, let’s talk about the story. Spoilers below.
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Hi. My birthday is a few weeks from now, and I understand I haven’t written a lot recently. My life has been great. But since I have a domain of my own and time to write, I decided to use this space to ask people to use their end-of-the-year good heart to donate for things they like.

I’d suggest these charities below (as I’ve given my own money to them), because these are things I like, but you’re totally free to chose whatever is meaningful for you.

The CAMH is located a few blocks away from where I live and they do a fantastic job helping people with mental issues. Also have a great garden with beautiful squirrels :)

The Toronto Cat Rescue seems to only have good reviews everywhere, and I always see their cats for adoption everywhere. Lots of people working to help cats deserve my attention.

And I absolutely love the National Ballet, no questions asked here.

Thanks for your attention ;)

New shiny Macbook

On July 2010 I bought my very first mac – OMG A MACBOOK PRO. It was a very good machine, a 13″ Core 2 Duo, 4G RAM – which I eventually upgraded to 8G – and 256G HDD. Also good battery life – it still lasts about 6 hours, three years later. But it doesn’t do the job for me anymore when I want to play with some resources consuming applications.

I decided to make a move, and I bought the new Macbook Air – upgraded to core i7 and 8G RAM. I didn’t care about more SSD space because, you know, external storage, Dropbox, this kind of stuff – therefore 256G and I’m good to go.

New toy is FAST, extremely lightweight and will probably last me as a FAST, RELIABLE computer for another good three years as the last one did (which I will clean up and list on sale on my beloved Kijiji/eBay – any takers?)

Very impressed with Macs’s evolution. I just wish their phones weren’t so boring – I have tried iPhones multiple times and can’t understand the appeal, Androids are bazillion times more powerful, customizable, better. Yet, when it comes to laptops, I’m an Apple fangirl.

And yes, I know Jobs is being released soon. I have watched Pirates of Silicon Valley again, I hope Jobs works as a sequel.

Bike stravaganza

Spring/summer is the season when new things arrive on the market. Is also the season when I cycle the most. I’m getting closer to achieving a metric century (100km/day) on my bike – and I remember the days when my goal was to cycle 100km a WEEK – and getting that feeling I need a better bike, at least for long endurance rides.

The road bike thing is tricky, as I’m very short – the frame has to be small – but I’ve found a few, reasonably priced bikes designed for women with XS frames.

I also need a new helmet, but at least that’s cheap. I wear youths’ sized helmets, like this. Fancy colours!

Now, I want a better cycling computer/GPS to connect to sites like, able to detect heart beat (Garmin 510 anyone?). I might delay that for a bit, because I’m considering buying an Amiigo (well, when it’s available and when BLE works on the Nexus 4) because it will be useful for whatever activities I do, not only cycling. Meanwhile, I’ll keep using the phone. My previous Flitzer still works, but doesn’t give me much information. I like LOTS of information.

I’ll keep researching things on the meantime. I find a new bike (and a new pair of padded shorts/pants) the most important thing now, considering how much my upper body – and not my legs, as one would expect – aches after a 70km ride. Especially shoulders and arms.

Geek Resolutions – THE UPDATE

Did I say I was going to buy a Galaxy Note 2? Oh, I change my mind so fast.

The Nexus 4 went on sale again. And I bought it. Ask me, WHY RENATA, WHY DID YOU BUY THE NEXUS?

So, I’ve been on a 3-year-contract with Bell since December 2010. They keep sending me messages suggesting that, for a “small fee”, I can buy a new phone and renew my contract for another three years. Let’s do some math here.

If I wanted a Galaxy Note 2, I’d have to pay, right now:
- 150 to be able to have a new phone
- 200 for the Galaxy on a three year contract

350 + taxes and I would be trapped in a contract for 3 years again. To get the Galaxy contract free, it would cost me 150 + 700 (price of the phone, unlocked). I’m not that crazy.

Now, here comes the Nexus.

Google delivered me an unlocked, carrier-free phone for 400, taxes included. It’s an awesome phone. Really awesome. I won’t do another review because there are plenty of reviews everywhere. I’m happy with my choice, and my bank account is even happier.

I recommend the Nexus to everyone who’s trapped on a carrier contract.

Geek 2013 Resolutions

Very, very simple New Year’s Resolutions.

1. New Android Phone. I’ll go with the Samsung Galaxy Note II. My Desire Z is too slow for today’s apps, and the screen is cracked. But I intend to play with its hardware anyway.

2. New Macbook. Now, this is tricky. I’d like a new Macbook Air 11′ – we’re in January and, if MacRumors got it right, I’d have to wait about 6 months for a fresh Air – but with Retina display. Which is not that much, but it’s also not tomorrow.

I don’t have lots of resolutions. I don’t need lots of things. Yep, that’s it.

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