Charity Rides

I’m into bikes, long rides and I also like helping people. So I entered two charity rides this year – seems like a neat way to mix things I like. The first one is the Becel Ride for Heart – I’m doing the 50km – that must be easy for me. Then, later in June, […] Read More

To boldly go…

Leonard Nimoy has died today. I don’t remember how old I was when I first watched my very first Star Trek episode – I was too young. I just remember watching The Original Series reruns after coming back from school in the afternoon, to the point I knew every episode by heart. I grew up […] Read More

Bash Arrays

Arrays are helpful, and I’ll give some examples for reference. They can be a little bit confusing, but once you get used to them, it’s easy! First you initialize the arrays cat[1]=”Bub” cat[2]=”Grumpy” cat[3]=”Luna” feat[1]=”cute” feat[2]=”terrible” feat[3]=”fashion” Then you use them as you wish. You can, at first, just list them individually echo “${cat[3]} is […] Read More


I went to see Gravity yesterday, and now I have this paradoxical relationship with the movie. It astonished me artistically in terms of sound effects, art direction, special effects, and I value that a lot in a movie – it’s art and I want my senses to be aroused when I go to the cinema. […] Read More


Hi. My birthday is a few weeks from now, and I understand I haven’t written a lot recently. My life has been great. But since I have a domain of my own and time to write, I decided to use this space to ask people to use their end-of-the-year good heart to donate for things […] Read More

New shiny Macbook

On July 2010 I bought my very first mac – OMG A MACBOOK PRO. It was a very good machine, a 13″ Core 2 Duo, 4G RAM – which I eventually upgraded to 8G – and 256G HDD. Also good battery life – it still lasts about 6 hours, three years later. But it doesn’t […] Read More