Charity Rides

I’m into bikes, long rides and I also like helping people. So I entered two charity rides this year – seems like a neat way to mix things I like.

The first one is the Becel Ride for Heart – I’m doing the 50km – that must be easy for me.

Then, later in June, I’m doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer. Now that’s a challenge – two days on a saddle to Niagara Falls. I always wanted to Ride to Niagara Falls but lacked the support. This seems just perfect. I’m excited!

If you can, please support these causes!

To boldly go…

Leonard Nimoy has died today. I don’t remember how old I was when I first watched my very first Star Trek episode – I was too young. I just remember watching The Original Series reruns after coming back from school in the afternoon, to the point I knew every episode by heart. I grew up in the 80s and the first movie I had the chance to catch in a theatre was Star Trek V – which is not my favourite – but by that time I was already a trekkie, and dressed in black pants and red shirt to attend such an important event.

My thing had always been science and logic and I loved Spock above all. I wanted to be like him – it’s a fairly decent role model for a kid. So I exceeded in sciences and mathematics while in school, and here I am today, working in technology, because someone someday made an interesting character who was a science officer – and I really liked him. Dear Nimoy, you were damn good at convincing people to tech, since people from NASA have also been inspired by you.

I’m not the kind of person to feel touched by the death of celebrities, but considering the role Star Trek and Spock have played in my professional career, I have some feelings today. His artistic persona will be missed, his character will be missed.


Bash Arrays

Arrays are helpful, and I’ll give some examples for reference. They can be a little bit confusing, but once you get used to them, it’s easy!

First you initialize the arrays



Then you use them as you wish. You can, at first, just list them individually

echo "${cat[3]} is ${feat[1]}"

or list all of the items in a specific array
echo “Cats I like: ${cat[@]}”

Something like that would also work:

for i in {1..3}
echo "${cat[i]} is ${feat[i]}!"

That opens many possibilities. Life is not only about internet cats (although it sometimes seems so).

Make good use of your arrays, they’re great!

(I takes me 8 months to update the site and I write a silly post about bash arrays, I know. Sorry, I was thinking about them.)


I went to see Gravity yesterday, and now I have this paradoxical relationship with the movie. It astonished me artistically in terms of sound effects, art direction, special effects, and I value that a lot in a movie – it’s art and I want my senses to be aroused when I go to the cinema. That part of movie design is absolutely perfect.

But, now, let’s talk about the story. Spoilers below.
Continue reading Gravity


Hi. My birthday is a few weeks from now, and I understand I haven’t written a lot recently. My life has been great. But since I have a domain of my own and time to write, I decided to use this space to ask people to use their end-of-the-year good heart to donate for things they like.

I’d suggest these charities below (as I’ve given my own money to them), because these are things I like, but you’re totally free to chose whatever is meaningful for you.

The CAMH is located a few blocks away from where I live and they do a fantastic job helping people with mental issues. Also have a great garden with beautiful squirrels :)

The Toronto Cat Rescue seems to only have good reviews everywhere, and I always see their cats for adoption everywhere. Lots of people working to help cats deserve my attention.

And I absolutely love the National Ballet, no questions asked here.

Thanks for your attention ;)

New shiny Macbook

On July 2010 I bought my very first mac – OMG A MACBOOK PRO. It was a very good machine, a 13″ Core 2 Duo, 4G RAM – which I eventually upgraded to 8G – and 256G HDD. Also good battery life – it still lasts about 6 hours, three years later. But it doesn’t do the job for me anymore when I want to play with some resources consuming applications.

I decided to make a move, and I bought the new Macbook Air – upgraded to core i7 and 8G RAM. I didn’t care about more SSD space because, you know, external storage, Dropbox, this kind of stuff – therefore 256G and I’m good to go.

New toy is FAST, extremely lightweight and will probably last me as a FAST, RELIABLE computer for another good three years as the last one did (which I will clean up and list on sale on my beloved Kijiji/eBay – any takers?)

Very impressed with Macs’s evolution. I just wish their phones weren’t so boring – I have tried iPhones multiple times and can’t understand the appeal, Androids are bazillion times more powerful, customizable, better. Yet, when it comes to laptops, I’m an Apple fangirl.

And yes, I know Jobs is being released soon. I have watched Pirates of Silicon Valley again, I hope Jobs works as a sequel.