Hello! I am Renata, and I work as a Manager of Solutions Architecture at 1Password. I have been working in tech since the late 90s. I love all things cloud, systems and my goal is to make tech a better place for everyone <3 I am based in Toronto, Canada.

This is my personal space - you can find links for my social and work profiles, and learn a little about me.

Other than work, I have way too many hobbies.

  • I like to cycle and run. I do both indoors when it’s icy outside but it’s much better outdoors. I enjoy bike touring and have done Toronto - Niagara a few times.
  • I love cats (and dogs, and birds, and turtles… but especially cats). I have a cat. I talk a lot about my cat.
  • I like stationery and fountain pens
  • I love gardening, especially vegetable gardening.
  • I watch a lot of movies - A LOT! Cinema is my favourite art form.
  • I used to dance ballet, haven’t attended a class in a while, but I ADORE ballet. I aim to attend 2-3 performances of the National Ballet of Canada every year.

That is a good intro. My favourite colour is black and my favourite chocolate is extra dark. See you around!