I have been working with THE CLOUD for 10+ years now but my tech career began much earlier. My first computer was a TK95(that’s a ZX Spectrum clone), and I went to school for Mathematics, where I had my first contact with Linux and other servers - we had AS/400 in our labs back then.

I did some programming on my early days and found myself at home with systems engineering. I don’t touch Windows - personal preference, sorry - and have worked on all sorts of Unices I can think of. If it’s *nix, I can run it.

These days my work has been focused on managing teams that design and implement automated solutions for enterprise customers, focusing on either moving on-prem systems to the cloud or migrating preexisting cloud solutions to better, more scalable ones. If it involves systems architecture and engineering, chances are, I know how it works :)

Check my LinkedIn profile to see what I’m up to and my updated resumé!